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Plum Purple Lensrappa

Dundas & Burgun

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Plum Purple Lensrappa
Plum Purple Lensrappa
Plum Purple Lensrappa
Plum Purple Lensrappa

Dundas & Burgun 'Plum Purple' Lensrappa

  • Luxury protective lens cover for glasses
  • Handmade in full-grain premium quality leather
  • The perfect accessory for readers
  • Packaged in custom Dundas & Burgun boxes - ideal for gifts
  • EU Registered Design 006376513.


Please measure the distance between the inside of the arms of your glasses from hinge to hinge and ensure that it is no less than 123mm.

Lensrappas measure 123mm x 65mm when closed around your lenses, leaving the arms outside.  As our Lensrappas are handmade, the size may vary by a millimeter or two.  The Lensrappa is suitable for the majority of glasses but will not fit heavily curved frames or larger sunglasses. 

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