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About Us

Dundas & Burgun is a British company which has designed and created the Lensrappa

Our founders, Chris Dundas and Guy Burgun, had become disenchanted with bulky, unattractive and impractical glasses cases which are too big for pockets and handbags.  The result? Persistently scratched lenses. 

The Inspiration

Their concept was to craft a protective leather case which remains compact enough to fit easily inside a pocket or bag. 

The Design

The Lensrappa consists of a single piece of leather which is folded over the lenses and attached with a magnetic fastener. The arms are crossed outside the case, allowing it to keep the thinnest possible profile while still protecting the spectacles. 

The Company

Dundas & Burgun Limited is a private British company with nine shareholders, including Chris Dundas, Guy Burgun, Clifford Tompsett (our CEO), Nigel Kennedy, Nicola Kennedy, Josh Barrow, Andrew Barrow, Jennifer Roberts and Keith Cameron.