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......or our new special edition colours

The Lensrappa is now available in 3 stylish new colours: Dove Grey, Plum Purple and Primrose Yellow. There is limited availability of these special edition colours so get yours today!

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Need a gift in a hurry or not sure what colour to choose? Our e-Gift Cards are sent via email with an option to include a personalised gift note.

What is a Lensrappa?

A Lensrappa is a protective lens cover for your spectacles. A single piece of leather is folded over the lenses and attached with a magnetic fastener.  This shelters your lenses leaving the arms of your glasses folded across the outside of the Lensrappa - allowing it to maintain the thinnest possible profile.  

This novel design ensures that your glasses fit easily into a handbag or pocket and that your lenses are kept safely out of harm's way. This is the perfect fashion accessory for you.  Our products are handmade from full-grain premium leather. 

No More Bulky Cases

Elegantly Packaged

How to use a Lensrappa

Swipe through this slideshow to see a Lensrappa in action...